Tri Color Macarons




Warm water and orange colour together to 50°C.

Mix Tegral Macaron & the warm Water color on slow speed for 30 seconds & on high speed for 4 minutes.

Pipe the batter on a Silicon Sheet & rest for 45-50 minutes in oven room or in a warm place till the surface of macarons becomes dry.

Bake the macarons on double tray at 130°C for 13 minutes with close damper & then 12 minutes with open damper. (For Deck Oven)

Once it is baked, leave it for 15-20 minutes

Follow the same method for Green Color Macarons.

Carat RTU Ganache is a ready to use ganache filling. Scoop out of pail and melt as per desired consistency for piping after mixing with coconut



Sandwich the Orange & Green Shells with ganache.

Your Tricolour Macarons are ready to serve.

Tri Colour Macarons

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Celebrate Republic Day with this amazingly delicious and easy macaron recipe!