Splash Chocolate Marquise Mousse Cake

Working Method

  1. Make ganache of Carat Coverlux Dark & cooking cream and let it cool. 
  2. Once it is cool fold it with semi whipped cream. add warm milk to Bavarois Mix and make a smooth paste of this, and then add Cremfil Classic Caramel.
  3. Finally fold all of the together to make a rich chocolate mousse. Line 1KG mould with chocolate sponge and pour the mousse in it. Deep freeze it for at least 6 hours or till it sets. 
  4. Once set, coat with Brillo Cocoa & splash it with Brillo White
  5. Also mix colour with Brillo White glaze and splash it on top the mousse to get desired effect as shown in the picture.

About this Recipe

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