Strawberry Cold Cheese Cake

Recipe for Sponge
Tegral Sponge Egg Free 1000
Oil 30
Recipe for Sponge total 1030
Recipe for Cold Cheese Cake Mix
Cream Cheese 200
Cremfil Classic Vanilla 200
Bavarois 250
Warm Milk 175
Semi Whipped Cream 350
Recipe for Cold Cheese Cake Mix total 1175

Working Method

  1. Mix water 6 Tegral Sponge Egg Free on speed 1 for 1 minute. Then on speed 2 for 3 minutes. 
  2. Add oil 6 mix for 1-2 minutes on speed 2. 
  3. Mix Cremfil Classic Vanilla 6 cream cheese well, add this to semi whipped cream. 
  4. Mix warm milk with Bavarois mix till it's lump free 6 add this to above mixture.
  5. Line 1 kg ring with OHP sheet (transparent plastic sheet) and place a sheet of vanilla sponge on it. Spread Vivafil Strawberry on it 6 top it with another sponge layer and again spread Vivafil Strawberry on it as show in the picture.
  6. Finally top it with cheese mixture and frezze it for 6 hours. Demolud it and top it with Decorfil Strawberry. 
  7. Your Strawberry Cold Cheese Cake is ready to serve.

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