Strawberry Cold Cheese Cake

Working Method

  1. Mix water 6 Tegral Sponge Egg Free on speed 1 for 1 minute. Then on speed 2 for 3 minutes. 
  2. Add oil 6 mix for 1-2 minutes on speed 2. 
  3. Mix Cremfil Classic Vanilla 6 cream cheese well, add this to semi whipped cream. 
  4. Mix warm milk with Bavarois mix till it's lump free 6 add this to above mixture.
  5. Line 1 kg ring with OHP sheet (transparent plastic sheet) and place a sheet of vanilla sponge on it. Spread Vivafil Strawberry on it 6 top it with another sponge layer and again spread Vivafil Strawberry on it as show in the picture.
  6. Finally top it with cheese mixture and frezze it for 6 hours. Demolud it and top it with Decorfil Strawberry. 
  7. Your Strawberry Cold Cheese Cake is ready to serve.

About this Recipe

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