Valentine's Cherry Cheesecake


Method - Red Velvet Cake Shop

Mix Premix &  Water at slow speed for 1 minute & then at high speed for 4 minutes with paddle attachment.

Add Oil & mix at medium speed for 2 minutes or till the oil dissolves.

Spread the batter on a silicon sheet & bake at 180°C for 7-8 minutes ot till baked.

Once baked & cooled, cut into heart shapes using cutter.

(size should be 1 cm smaller than the heart shape silicon mould)

Method - Chocolate Mousse

Pipe topfil cherry in small round portions in a silicon mould & freeze till it sets hard.

Heat  Fresh cream (75°C) . Remove from flame & add Bavarois to it.Mix to make it lumpfree.

Reheat the cream & pour over chopped Belcolade Noir Selection, rest for 5 minutes.

Mix to form a smooth ganache.

Fold the ganache to the lightly  whipped cream & mix evenly.

Pipe the chococlate mousse ¾ th of the heart shaped silicon mould, insert the frozen Topfil Cheery in the centre & then cover with chocolate mousse.

Place Red velvet heart sponge at the end.

Freeze the mousse overnight / till it reaches the minus temperature(-22°C).

Method - Red Cocoa Spray

Melt Cocoa Butter & Belcolade Blanc Selection & then mix together.

Add Red  Colour to it(as per the colour concentration)  & strain once for smooth  spray effect.

Valentine's Delight

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The perfect dessert to give to your loved ones on Valentine's Day