Valentine's Cherry Cheesecake


Belcolade Selection Noir 250g
Belcolade Selection Blanc 160g
Tegral Satin Red Velvet EF 500g
Water 200g
Oil 100g
Topfil Cherry 250g
Bavarois 100g
Fresh Cream 250g
Whip Cream 150g
Cocoa Butter 240g
Red Colour (powder) 1g

Method - Red Velvet Cake Shop

Mix Premix &  Water at slow speed for 1 minute & then at high speed for 4 minutes with paddle attachment.

Add Oil & mix at medium speed for 2 minutes or till the oil dissolves.

Spread the batter on a silicon sheet & bake at 180°C for 7-8 minutes ot till baked.

Once baked & cooled, cut into heart shapes using cutter.

(size should be 1 cm smaller than the heart shape silicon mould)

Method - Chocolate Mousse

Pipe topfil cherry in small round portions in a silicon mould & freeze till it sets hard.

Heat  Fresh cream (75°C) . Remove from flame & add Bavarois to it.Mix to make it lumpfree.

Reheat the cream & pour over chopped Belcolade Noir Selection, rest for 5 minutes.

Mix to form a smooth ganache.

Fold the ganache to the lightly  whipped cream & mix evenly.

Pipe the chococlate mousse ¾ th of the heart shaped silicon mould, insert the frozen Topfil Cheery in the centre & then cover with chocolate mousse.

Place Red velvet heart sponge at the end.

Freeze the mousse overnight / till it reaches the minus temperature(-22°C).

Method - Red Cocoa Spray

Melt Cocoa Butter & Belcolade Blanc Selection & then mix together.

Add Red  Colour to it(as per the colour concentration)  & strain once for smooth  spray effect.

Valentine's Delight

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The perfect dessert to give to your loved ones on Valentine's Day