Spiced Berry Chocolate Layers

Working Method

Tegral Masala Chai

1 Mix water and Tegral Satin Masala Chai Velvet Egg Free for 1 minute at slow speed, 3 minutes at high speed.
2 Add oil and mix for 1 minute at slow speed.
3 Pour the batter in thin sheets around 3mm thickness and bake at 180°C for 5-7 minutes.


1 Heat Non Dairy Whipped Topping and add chopped Carat Coverlux Dark.
2 Blend well and allow to set.


1 Take a thin sheet of Tegral Masala Chai.
2 Cover it with a layer of Vivafil Strawberry.
3 Put the 2nd sheet and layer it with chocolate ganache.
4 Repeat the same process once and then cover the top with ganache.
5 Level it up and allow to cool.
6 Garnish with Topfil Cherry & pour some semi whipped Non Dairy Whipped Topping. Sprinkle some castor sugar and flambe it to appear the desired look as shown in the picture.

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