Working Method

Method for Sponge

1 Add the Sponge mix in water.
2 Mix with a whisk at speed 1 for 1 minute.
3 And at speed 3 for 3 minutes.
4 Add oil and mix at speed 2 for 1 minute.
5 Bake at 200°C for 5 minutes.

Method for Coffee Syrup

1 Boil sugar and water and add Nescafe in it.

Method for Ganache

1 Heat up fresh cream and pour it into Carat Coverlux Dark.

Method for Butter Cream

1 Boil sugar and water pour in to whipped egg yolk then continue mixing. Add fresh soft butter and continue whipping.


1 Make 4 thin sheets of sponge.
2 Take a sheet of sponge soak it with coffee syrup and spread butter cream evenly over it and top it with ganache.
3 Repeat these procedure for the remaining sheets and keep them one above the other.
4 Keep these in deep freeze at least for 4 hours before cutting in your desired shape.

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