Whole Wheat Laadi Pav



Mixing: 3 minutes at low speed and 5 minutes at medium speed. Add Oil at the end of mixing until evenly distributed.

Dough temperature: 25 ⁰C.

Bulk fermentation: 10 mins

Scale: 30 gms

Intermediate Proof: 5 mins

Make Up: Roll & place in the greased tray next to each other as in Ladi pav

Final fermentation: 35-40 minutes at 35 ⁰C /75 % humidity.

Tips: After proofing spray with water and sprinkle with white sesame seeds

Baking: Oven temperature:  210⁰C.

Baking time: 12-15 minutes.

Once out from the Oven, brush with oil for soft crust

Whole Wheat Laadi Pavs

Author: Chef Martin Fernandes

Complexity level:  

Healthy whole wheat laadi pavs are the perfect accompaniment for any of your street food cravings. Using whole wheat allows you to maintain nutrition while indulging in your favourtie snacks!