Tiger Bread

Working Method

  1. Mixing: Mix all ingredients together. 2 minutes at low speed and 8 minutes at medium speed. 
  2. Make a smooth dough. 
  3. Dough temperature: 26°C to 28°C. Bulk fermentation: 20 minutes. Scale: 400 gms 
  4. Final fermentation: 45 minutes at 40°C / humidity 85%. Mix all the ingredients for topping in a bowl 
  5. Before baking: Apply with topping. 
  6. Baking: Oven temperature: 220°C. 
  7. Baking time: 25 minutes with 3 seconds of steam. 
  8. Open dampers for 5 minutes before the end of baking to get a crispier crust. Tiger bread is ready to serve.

About this Recipe

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