Lavender & Pistachio Semifreddo

Recipe for base of the Semifreddo
Tegral Sponge Egg Free 200
Water 100
Oil 10
Recipe for base of the Semifreddo total 310
Recipe for Rice Crispy Crunch
Carat Coverlux White 100
Kellogg's Rice Crispy 70
Recipe for Rice Crispy Crunch total 170
Recipe for Lavender * Pistachio Semifreddo
Carat Coverlux White 150
Amul Cream 250
Bavarois 250
Warm Milk 350
Pistachio 55
Lavender Flavor as per taste
Recipe for Lavender * Pistachio Semifreddo total 1305
Belcolade White 10
Cocoa Butter 200
Brillo Neutral 10
Decoration total 220

Working Method

Method: Recipe for base of the Semifreddo
  1. Mix water & Tegral Sponge egg Free mix on slow speed for one minute & then on medium speed for 3 minutes. 
  2. Add oil 6 mix it for 1 minute at slow speed. 
  3. Bake it for around 22 to 25 minutes at 160°C 
  4. Once baked keep it aside to cool. 
  5. Once cooled, slice it in required shape.

Method: Recipe for Rice Crispy Crunch
  1. Melt Carat Coverlux White 6 add Kellogg's rice crispy to it & mix well . 
  2. Spread it on thin sheet of butter paper 6 let it set. 
  3. Once set hard, cut it with help of the knife in smaller shape than the mould size in which its going to be set.

Method: Recipe for Lavender & Pistachio Semifreddo
  1. Semi whip Ambiante & Amul cream 6 keep it aside. 
  2. Take chopped Carat Coverlux White, Bavarois in a bowl 6 pour warm milk. Blend the mix till it becomes smooth & lump-free. 
  3. Gradually add semi whip cream mix to Carat Coverlux White mix 6 fold the cream till it is mixed properly. 
  4. Finally add blanch pistachio & few drops of lavender flavor to above mix.

  1. Take a silicon moulds and mix of lavender 6 pistachio semifreddo in a piping bag 6 pipe it in the mould upto half of the height. 
  2. Insert the rice crispy in the mould 6 pipe the mix again upto the rim and level it properly. 
  3. Place sponge base on it. 
  4. Freeze it overnight. Once it is frozen hard, demold it 6 spray cocoa butter spray for velvet texture. (for Cocoa Butter spray: cocoa butter 200 gm+ Belcolade white 10 gm.). It should be strained 6 warm when sprayed. 
  5. Mix lavender liquid colour to Brillo Neutral & decorate as show in picture.

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