Caramel Cheese Donuts

Working Method

  1. Make a dough using Tegral Donut, yeast, water. 
  2. Make sure that the dough temperature is around 26°C -28°C. Sheet it to 7mm thickness. Cut into desired shape. Proof for 40 minutes. 
  3. Deep fry (Oil temperature: 170°C-180°C) Make a White chocolate Ganache using Carat Coverlux White and fresh cream for glazing the donuts. 
  4. Mix Deli cheese cake and Cremfil Caramel for the filling. Once the donuts are fried 6 cooled, fill them with the mix of Deli Cheesecake and Cremfil Classic Caramel. 
  5. Glaze the filled donuts with Carat Coverlux White Ganache. 
  6. Finish with Crumble as shown in the picture to get Caramel Cheese Donuts.

About this Recipe

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