S500 is a multipurpose improver, which offers the highest quality and versatility for all situations occurring in bakery.

  • All Purpose Premium Improver
  • Emulsifier based improver
  • Recommended dosage : 1 to 1.5%
  • Used in All sorts of Bakery Applications
Customer advantages
  • All Purpose Premium Improver
  • Recommended dosage : 1 to 1.5%
  • Used in All sorts of Bakery Applications
Consumer advantages
  • Flaky baked goods like croissant , Danishes , breads and many more.

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A new generation designed improver that offers never before advantages in khari/ laminated puff products. Improves texture, volume and nutritional value.

Tigris Power

All round improver to optimize the texture of breads and buns. It is an universal bromate free improver to optimize the texture of breads, buns etc. Prolongs freshness and enhances softness. Gives better volume, close, white crumb texture and most importantly a pleasant short bite.


Goal is an economical non bromated solution which enhances softness and volume of your breads.

O-tentic - Durum

Active bakery component based on sourdough to create bread with a typical Mediterranean flavour. Designed for all types of crusty breads. It gives the breads a woody, milky notes and special crunchy crust of authentic breads.

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