Bake Doughnut Mocha Almond Sandwich

Ingredients for Baked Donut
Tegral Donut Mix Plus 1000
Water 450
Fresh Yeast 35
Ingredients for Baked Donut total 1485
Ingredients for Mocha Filling
Creamfil Classic - Vanilla 250
Bavarois 80
Warm Milk 60
Ingredients for Mocha Filling total 390

Coffee Decoction: As Per Your Taste (Note : Equal Quatity of Water and Coffee is Coffee Decoction)

Working Method

Baked Donut

1 Mix all ingredients at 1 speed for 3 minutes and on 2 speed for 8 minutes.
2 Rest dough for 10 minutes.
3 Sheet dough on 5mm thickness.
4 Take the help of cutter and cut into donut shape. Place them on non stick tray or greased tray.
5 Proof them for half an hour and bake on 220°C for 6-8 minutes.
6 Once it come to room temperature, keep the donut cover to prevent dryness.

Mocha Filling

1 Weight all the ingredients properly.
2 Mix warm milk and Bavarois together to make it a smooth mix.
3 Add coffee decoction to Cremfil Classic - Vanilla as per your concentration (taste).
4 Mix Bavarois and milk mixture to Cremfil Classic - Vallina and coffee decoction mixture.
5 Rest the finished mocha filling mixture in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


1 Baked Donuts
2 Mocha Filling
3 Carat Coverlux
4 Carat Coverliq
5 Take two baked donuts. Garnish one donut with Carat Coverliq and almond flakes and keep it aside.
6 Take another donut, place Carat Coverlux disk on it. Pipe the mocha filling on the disk.
7 Then top with the garnished donut to make a sandwich as shown in the picture.
8 Bake Doughnut Mocha Almond Sandwich is ready to serve.

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