Bake Doughnut Mocha Almond Sandwich

Coffee Decoction: As Per Your Taste (Note : Equal Quatity of Water and Coffee is Coffee Decoction)

Working Method

Baked Donut

1 Mix all ingredients at 1 speed for 3 minutes and on 2 speed for 8 minutes.
2 Rest dough for 10 minutes.
3 Sheet dough on 5mm thickness.
4 Take the help of cutter and cut into donut shape. Place them on non stick tray or greased tray.
5 Proof them for half an hour and bake on 220°C for 6-8 minutes.
6 Once it come to room temperature, keep the donut cover to prevent dryness.

Mocha Filling

1 Weight all the ingredients properly.
2 Mix warm milk and Bavarois together to make it a smooth mix.
3 Add coffee decoction to Cremfil Classic - Vanilla as per your concentration (taste).
4 Mix Bavarois and milk mixture to Cremfil Classic - Vallina and coffee decoction mixture.
5 Rest the finished mocha filling mixture in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


1 Baked Donuts
2 Mocha Filling
3 Carat Coverlux
4 Carat Coverliq
5 Take two baked donuts. Garnish one donut with Carat Coverliq and almond flakes and keep it aside.
6 Take another donut, place Carat Coverlux disk on it. Pipe the mocha filling on the disk.
7 Then top with the garnished donut to make a sandwich as shown in the picture.
8 Bake Doughnut Mocha Almond Sandwich is ready to serve.

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