Orange Chocolate Donut

  1. Make a dough using Tegral Donut, Yeast & Water. 
  2. Make sure the dough temperature is around 26°C-28°C. 
  3. Sheet it to 7mm. Cut into desired shape. 
  4. Proof for 40 minutes. 
  5. Deep fry: ( Oil Temperature-170°C-180°C) 
  6. Once fried cool and fill with the mix of Carat RTU Ganache and Cremfil Orange. (Carat RTU Gamache-100 gms & Cremfil Orange-25 gms) 
  7. Melt Carat RTU Ganache and glaze the filled donuts. 
  8. Finish with Cremfil Orange as shown in the picture to get Orange Chocolate Donut.

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