Tri Colour Pralines



  1. If you are using Belcolade Selection Blanc then you will need to temper the chocolate (Melt :45°C, Cool : 26°C, Rewarm:29°C)
  2. If you are using Carat Coverlux White, then you will have to melt the compund and use to make the shell
  3. Mix orange colour  with  50 gm of melted cocoa butter & then green colour  with remaining 50 gm of melted  cocoa butter.
  4. Brush the mould with ready colour dilution as per the image.
  5. Once colours are set,  make shells with temperd Belcolade Blanc Selection.
  6. Fill the shells with Deli Orange  & cover the shells with the same tempered Belcolade Selection Blanc or Carat Coverlux White.
  7. Set the Pralines at  the temperature of 12°C-15°C.
  8. Demould & serve.

Tri Colour Pralines

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Perfect gift to celebrate Republic Day or Independence Day