Sweet Bread with Nutty Fillings



Mixing: 3 minutes at low speed and 5minutes at medium speed, depending on dough development

Dough temperature: 26 ⁰C.

Bulk fermentation: 20mins

Scale: 250 gm

Sheet the dough, spread the Sweet Nutty Filling evenly and roll back (as in a swiss roll, close the sides and edges, and put them on greased trays or on baking seal pads

Final Proofing:

35-40 minutes at 35 ⁰C / ­­75 % humidity.

Baking: Oven temperature:  210⁰C.

Baking time: 25-30 minutes.

Sweet Bread with Nutty Fillings

Author: Chef Martin Fernandes

Complexity level:  

This recipe has been inspired from a very popular snack in Eastern Europe, the nutty filling gives you the added nutritional benefit.