Sweet Bread with Nutty Fillings


Easy Savoury Snack 500 gms
Flour (Maida) 500 gms
Yeast 35 gms
Sugar 100 gms
Butter 30 gms
Water 400 gms
Milk 200 gms
Nutty Filling
Finely Ground Walnuts 460 gms
Granulated Sugar 250 gms
Melted Butter (Cooled) 60 gms
Condensed Milk 60 gms
Whole Milk 60 gms
Vanilla Extract 1 gm


Mixing: 3 minutes at low speed and 5minutes at medium speed, depending on dough development

Dough temperature: 26 ⁰C.

Bulk fermentation: 20mins

Scale: 250 gm

Sheet the dough, spread the Sweet Nutty Filling evenly and roll back (as in a swiss roll, close the sides and edges, and put them on greased trays or on baking seal pads

Final Proofing:

35-40 minutes at 35 ⁰C / ­­75 % humidity.

Baking: Oven temperature:  210⁰C.

Baking time: 25-30 minutes.

Sweet Bread with Nutty Fillings

Author: Chef Martin Fernandes

Complexity level:  

This recipe has been inspired from a very popular snack in Eastern Europe, the nutty filling gives you the added nutritional benefit.