Moist dark chocolate cake
Recipe for 1 tray 40X60cm. Baked height of 1.2cm. -
Tegral Satin Moist Cake Dark Egg / Egg Free 500
Eggs 200
Oil 200
Water 100
Moist dark chocolate cake total 1000
Caramel & nut filling
Recipe for 3 incerts of diam. 14cm. -
Deli-Caramel 500
Belcolade Blanc Selection 125
Unsalted butter 65
Roasted sesame seeds 25
Roasted peanuts 50
Roasted hazelnuts 50
Salt 3
Caramel & nut filling total 818
Chocolate mousse Belcolade Lait Selection
Recipe for 3 rings diam. 18cm. height 4cm. -
Milk 337
Belcolade Lait Selection 525
Bavarois Neutre GF 170
Whipping cream 1125
Chocolate mousse Belcolade Lait Selection total 2157
Dairy Cream 1000
Sugar 300
Belcolade Noir Selection 750
Cocoa powder 40
Brillo Range 250
Butter 300
Glaze total 2640


1. Moist Dark Chocolate Cake
2. Caramel & nut filling
3. Milk chocolate mousse
4. Cherry fruit filling
5. Dark glaze

Moist dark chocolate cake


1. Mix all the ingredients together at medium speed for 3’.
2. Spread onto baking trays covered with baking paper.
3. Bake for 25’ at 180°C. in a deck oven. Let cool down. Cut into desired shapes

Caramel & Nut Filling


1. Melt the Belcolade Blanc Selection and mix with the Deli-Caramel.
2. Add the softened unsalted butter and finally the roasted, chopped nuts and seeds.
3. Pour on top of the baked chocolate cake and freeze.

Chocolate mousse Belcolade Lait Selection


1. Make a ganache with milk and Belcolade Lait Selection.
2. Add the Bavarois Neutre GF and once mix is cooled down to 35°C.
3. Add the soft-whipped whipping cream.



1. Boil the cream with the sugar. Pour on top of the Belcolade Noir Selection and cocoa powder.
2. Once the chocolat completely melted, add the Brillo Cold Glaze Neutral.
3. Once cooled down till +/- 40°C. add the butter. Avoid stirring too much(air bubbles). Keep in the fridge.


1. Work upside-down onto a plastic sheet. Pour a layer of chocolate mousse.
2. Put some Topfil Cerise some more mousse. Close the ring with the cake and caramel layer. Put in the freezer.
3. Once frozen, cover with glaze and decorate.

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