Croissant recipes; the sweet, the savory, and the inventive

29 Jan 2023

The Austrian-born, French-adopted flaky, delectable croissant has evolved from a stand-alone pastry to the base of many well-loved recipes. Because of its soft, buttery texture, it can be as versatile as you’d like it to be - sweet, savory, and inventive. 

As we’re approaching National Croissant Day, it’s the perfect time to relish in the delights of the croissant and expand your recipe offering. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite recipes to inspire you to get creative this Croissant Day!

All about the croissant

We’re sure you’ll agree; there’s nothing more inviting than a golden, buttery soft croissant in the bakery window. If sight alone doesn’t lure customers through the door, then the sweet smell of freshly baked croissants and the promise of savoring   one with a cup of coffee definitely will. The Austrian kipferl (which the croissant is derived from) was thinner, denser, and was often topped with sugar and almonds. The recipe evolved when it made its way to France in 1838 when the kipferl transformed into the flaky, slightly chewy, buttery treat we know and love today. 

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Experimenting with croissant recipes

Although the traditional croissant recipe will always be a firm favorite, industry trends and demand to create unique experiences means that new evolutions and creative reinventions are a great opportunity for bakers to flex their creative muscles and drive sales! 

For example, our Taste Tomorrow research revealed that 1 in 3 consumers buy plant-based food weekly; this statistic opens doors for creating a vegan croissant recipe, which we’ve detailed below! 

Further Taste Tomorrow research around trends also reveals that sourdough croissants were the most famous sourdough application of 2022 - an innovative adaptation to the bakery product!

A croissant  is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin. Croissants are named for crescent shape and are made of a layered yeast-leavened dough  called laminating.

We’ve detailed more of our favorite sweet, savory, and inventive recipes below for you to try, taste, and share with your customers.

Plant-based Peaches & Cream Croissant

This playful plant-based take on peaches and cream croissants will bring a smile to everyone’s day. 

Using our popular vegan butter alternative, Mimetic, and our 100% plant-based whipped topping, Ambiante, they bring you that fresh summer feeling!

Sourdough Croissant

Take advantage of the sourdough craze with this golden sourdough croissant recipe. 

Perfect for serving on its own or can be filled with delicious sweet or savory goods.

Sapore Daphne sourdough jar label

Overnight Sourdough Croissant

Be prepared for the morning rush with this deliciously fluffy overnight sourdough recipe. They can be finished with our Sunset Glaze to give them an extra golden shine. 


Healthier Puravita Pulses Croissants

A plant-based flaky croissant made healthier with pulses and grains. 

The perfect breakfast staple or paired alongside fruits and muesli for a tasty brunch option. 

Cuberdon and Raspberry Croissant

We’ve taken the well-loved Belgian Raspberry Cuberdons and incorporated this flavor into a fun, innovative croissant recipe. 

This recipe is sure to turn heads and spark interest!

If you’re keen to discover more delicious croissant recipes this Croissant Day, feel free to get in touch with us today, and we’ll happily take you through different options to cater to your and your customer’s wants and needs. 

We hope you have the tastiest Croissant Day yet!