Choco Chunk Muffins



Mix Tegral Sain Moist Cake Dark Egg Free  &  water for 1 minute on slow speed and  3 min on medium speed.

Add oil and mix for 1 min at slow speed.

Add chopped  Carat Coverlux Milk in the batter & mix at slow speed for 1 minute, make sure the Chocolate chunks are evenly mixed in the cake batter.

Pour the batter (40gm) in muffin moulds & top with Carat Coverlux Milk chunks (or use as desired as per the size of the muffin mold)

Bake at 170°C (deck oven) for 25-26 minutes or till bake.

(The baking temperature & time may vary according to oven type  & portion size)

Choco Chunk Muffin

Author: Chef Suraj Vishwakarma

Complexity level:  

This double chocolate muffin will surely satiate the most die hard chocolate lover!