Sensory Analysis

Expert evaluation

With the unique sensory analysis service, we help you to understand and describe how consumers evaluate their products. In turn, it helps us to create products based on consumer preferences. We have developed original tools and methods of analysis in all our subsidiaries. The aim of these laboratories is to describe and compare bakery, patisserie and chocolate products and investigate consumer responses to them, while respecting the diversity of opinions that exists within and between different countries or regions.

Our strategy concentrates on studying biological and psychological responses to flavours, appearances and textures. We then analyse and share the results with you to find out whether your proposed products meet the expectations of consumers.

Informing product development

At the Puratos sensory analysis laboratory, finely calibrated instruments and experienced human judges are combined to study biological and psychological responses to flavours, appearances and textures. Then these results are analysed and shared with our customers to help them decide whether proposed finished goods meet the demands and expectations of consumers.

As reliable partners in innovation, we are more than happy to share our methods of analysis and work together on further including Sensory Analysis and training our customers’ in-house teams.

If you are interested in learning more about how Puratos sensory analysis can help your business, please visit our Contacts page.