Fruitfil Mango Frappe



  1. Add Fruitfil Mango,milk and vanilla ice cream in a tall bowl
  2. Blend them all together till it gets homogenous
  3. Rest for half hour in fridge, so as to allow the froth come up
  4. Your delicious Fruitfil Mango milkshake is now ready.
  5. Fill the shake in container & store in fridge and use as per orders. (serves 6-7 glasses per litre).
  6. Decorate with fresh mango if available before serving.



Fruitfil Mango Frappe

Author: Chef Ashish Vhatkar

Complexity level:  

The perfect Mango Frappe to fulfil the mango craving all year round. Made with Fruitfil Mango which is completely NAFNAC, this amazing summer drink is a must in your counters.


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