Chocolate Longueur


Working Method

  1. Mix all ingredients for the coacoa cake for 4 min. on medium speed. Spread 7 mm out on a silpad. Bake for ± 20 min. on 180°C. Freeze.
  2.  Spread a thin layer of Vivafil Orange Ginger on top of the frozen cake. Cut the cake in strokes of 4.5 x 18 cm.
  3.  To make the vegan chocolate mousse, heat the coconut cream and pour over the chocolate. Mix by using a hand blender. Whip the Ambiante in the ganache when it reaches 38°C. Pipe the mousse in a long mould and place the cake in it. Freeze before demoulding.
  4. For the cocoa croute mix all ingredients untill a smooth texture is obtained. Roll it out between two papers at 3 mm. Place in the freezer to cut easier. Cut the croute on 7.5 x 21 cm and 2.3 x 21 cm. Place on a silpain and bake at 170°C.
  5. To make the vegan glaze, boil the rice milk and the glucose. Add the agar agar and give a good boil. Pour over the chocolate and Miroir Neutre. Mix by using a hand blender. Let set overnight in a plastic box covered with clingfilm. Use at 35°C.
  6. For the decorations, whip the Ambiante and pipe small dots on a baking paper. Make small holes by using a hot parisienne spoon. Spray with the chocolate spray (mixture of Belcolade Noir Selection CT and Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter).


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