Tegral Satin Belgian Chocolate Cake Mix EF

Introducing Tegral Satin Belgian Chocolate Cake Mix EF, this all purpose egg free patisserie cake made with real Belgian Chocolate in this cake mix, prepare the most indulgent, classic, chocolaty delights! 

  • Contains Real Belgian Chocolate inside
  • No Artificial Flavours and No Artificial Colours
  • Voluminous, soft and moist cream cakes
  • Good shelf-life characteristics
  • Make indulgent muffins, cupcakes, dense celebration cakes, bar cakes and many more
Customer advantages
  • Easy to use - just add oil and water
  • Consistent Product Performance
  • Real Belgian Chocolate added - Premium Finished Applications
Consumer advantages
  • Get the taste of Real Belgian Chocolate in your cakes, muffins and more
  • No Artificial Flavours and No Artificial Colours added
  • SALP Free Cake Mix

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