SensoBox in Asia

Reliable partnership implies reliable services. Puratos solutions consist of a full range of resources tailor-made to help you bring innovative new products to market.

With this mission, we turn technologies and experiences from food cultures around the world into new opportunities and help customers succeed more with their businesses in alignment with the consumer trends. And we understand the importance of continuous innovation in creating products that delight our customers and express their preferences perfectly. 

With this mission and passion, Asian region has developed the concept of mobile sensory analysis laboratory, the Sensobox which allows flexibility and mobility offered by its counterpart in Europe, the Sensobus.  


Sensobox is a fully equipped mobile sensory analysis laboratory which goes a step further. It collects consumer preference data at the product locations- shopping mall and helps in building consumer insights, exploring consumer preferences and testing specific concept and product ideas have travelled around different countries in Asia 

The Sensobox had been in different countries in the Asia Pacific region serving these special needs. Customers are delighted to witness or participate in these events, making Puratos an even better ‘reliable partners in innovation’.

We also have Sensobox in India, To support our industrial, Food Service, Retail & Artistial customer.