Together, let’s create a more sustainable future for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry.

11 Dec 2022


It's no secret that our earth is suffering. Our food systems and the processes we use can help to reduce everyone's impact on the planet. 

Around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food1. At Puratos, we've always known that food has extraordinary power. We want to ensure we're harnessing this power correctly - in a way that can benefit people and our planet alike. 

Source: WWF

It's true that, as individuals, everyone can reduce climate change through their sustainable food choices. As innovators in the food industry, we make it our responsibility to provide you and your customers with sustainable solutions and complete transparency on where ingredients are coming from to ensure we're moving the planet forward and committing to a better, more sustainable future.

Our Taste Tomorrow research revealed that, on average, 57% of consumers globally agree that plant-based food has a positive impact on the planet, and as of 2021, 64% of people buy plant-based food, increasing from 32% in 2018. Further to this, 70% of people look for sustainable packaging.

It's clear that consumers are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and incorporate more sustainable materials and food into their lives. By making sustainable developments, you’re not only promoting practices that are better for the planet but also fulfilling consumer wants and needs.

We provide alternative ingredients with a lower environmental impact

We can help you measure your product’s environmental footprint, so that you and your customers can make more sustainably-conscious purchasing decisions. 

We use LCA method to measure a product’s environmental footprint (PEF) throughout its life cycle, from sourcing all raw materials and resources to the end of life.

Not only does this reassure you when it comes to the products you sell, but it can also reassure your customers and provide them with detailed information about the food they buy.

Our Taste Tomorrow research found that customers want to know where their food comes from and where it is made. The same study confirmed that 90% of people read the product packaging. By offering this information to your customers, you’re also offering them peace of mind and showing that you care. 

Our Plant Forward product range of plant-based dairy, egg, and butter replacements provides a vegan alternative for your customer’s favorite recipes and an opportunity to reduce your and their carbon footprint. 

After a shift in consumer demand and further wanting to improve our commitment to a better planet, we launched our Plant Forward products. Our LCA studies have proven that these alternative ingredients have a much lower environmental impact.  

●      Sunset Glaze, our egg-wash alternative, has an environmental impact 2.5 times lower than using eggs.

●      Ambiante, our non-dairy topping, has shown a 2.2 times lower environmental footprint vs. dairy cream.

●      Belcolade Selection M. Plant-Based Cacao-Trace, our plant-based chocolate, lowers environmental impact by 13%.

●      Mimetic, our speciailty fat and butter alternative, has an environmental impact 3 times lower than dairy butter. To put this in perspective, that’s one ton of CO2 saved for every ton of croissants produced using Mimetic. 

The graphic below demonstrates how we can assess, understand and reduce our impact by offering innovative solutions: 

Without compromising on taste or quality, these are simple switches for a positive tomorrow, and we can offer guidance, support, and recipe details to help you make that switch today. 

We can help you offer transparent sourcing story to your customer

We know consumers are concerned about where their food comes from, how it is produced, and the way it is sourced, and rightly so. It’s just as important to us, too. 

To manufacture our high-quality products, we source ingredients from around the world. We’re consciously aware of global demand for these ingredients and the pressures this can put on the environment and communities, which is why we go to great lengths to maintain an open dialogue with those involved in our supply chain to ensure we’re sourcing responsibly.

It's imperative for us that our entire supply chain has the same ethical standards so that we can give you our guarantee that the production and sourcing process has been truly responsible. We can offer this guarantee through digital traceability, which you can share with consumers. By having this traceability available, it's up to you how you present and share this information. Some of our customers choose to include a QR code on their finished products, which leads consumers to the product's origin. It can also provide information about the farmer who harvested the first cocoa bean or the first apple, our partnership with those farmers and our contributions to their community, allowing consumers to see the whole story about thei product they wish to buy. After all, every ingredient has a story, and we're making this narrative available. 

You can read more about our responsible sourcing commitment and specific ingredients here. 

We take our sustainable stance seriously and continue to commit to our innovative approach to moving the planet forward. We don’t shy away from the responsibility of having a positive knock-on effect on our customers and their customers. We know improvements to our processes and products directly impact the sustainable attributes of our customer’s finished goods, allowing them to accelerate their sustainability ambitions and tangibly demonstrate their sustainability credentials to customers. 

Allow us to help you and together, let’s create a more sustainable future.