Soft filling pearls for taste in every bite

Experiencing the taste of a filling in every bite of your cake has now become reality with Smoobees. These soft filling pearls can be mixed and baked into cake batters. Smoobees offer a balanced spread of the filling for a delicious taste and a new visual look. Re-inventing your cake product range has become easy with Smoobees!

Product description

  • Smooth, melting texture of a filling
  • Mix- and bake stable in your production process
  • For all types of cake applications (fresh & frozen, packaged long shelf life)
  • Natural, yummy flavors, NAFNAC and up to 35% fruits

Activate your creativity with Smoobees: whether you bring innovation whilst respecting traditional tastes or you combine different flavors, colors, textures; the possibilities to re-invent your cake product range are endless and will surprise consumers of all ages.

Ready to use product. Mix in at the end of the batter mixing process. Dosage recommendation: 15% on batter weight.

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