How can Puratos help you to improve front-of-pack nutrition labels for sweet baked goods?

The Rise of Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labels

More than ever, consumers globally are asking for healthier and better balanced products. In the meantime, the expectation of indulgence or taste remains. More recently, they rely on Front-of-Pack labelling for guidance, such as Nutriscore in Europe, Traffic Light Scheme in UK, or warning labels in South America.

These front-of-pack labels start to drive the consumer purchasing behaviour, as a result, nutrition labels are now also a criteria in the innovation pipeline for manufactures. While established products are being reformulated, newly developed ones are often required to reach a certain score without compromising on taste or texture.

How can Puratos help you  to improve the Front-of-Pack labelling of your products to fulfil consumers' demand for more nutritionally balanced products?

See below examples of how Puratos can help you improve the nutritional profile and, as a consequence, the Front of Package label of soft & sweet buns and croissants (with Nutriscore as example, one of the existing front-of-pack labelling schemes in in Europe)

Sweet Buns with fillings

By reducing fat in the dough and fillings, we could achieve a Nutriscore C

We achieved a reduction of 44% on fat & 16% on calories by reducing the fat level in both the dough and in the filling!  Nutritional claims such as ‘reduced fat”[1] and “reduced saturated fat”[2] are achieved.


Croissants with fillings

By reducing sugar in the fillings and adding extra grains, we could achieve a Nutriscore C



In this case of Brioche, we could even achieve a Nutri-score B

By reducing more than 50% of fat and adding grains and fibres, we can make tasty Brioche with  an improved nutritional composition, which is translated in a better score.


Highlighted Ingredients in above examples:


This innovative range of improvers and mixes are able to reduce fat used while keeping baked goods outstandingly soft and fresh. Thanks to Puraslim, you can reduce up to 75%  fat in soft & sweet bread recipes with no compromise on taste or texture.

Cremfil Ultim

An irresistible range of nut and chocolate fillings that please both customers and consumers.  Cremfill Ultim contains 30% less fat and sugar than regular fat bases fillings

Vivafil Sugar Reduced

It combines a great taste of fruit and texture of a jam, while reducing the amount of added sugars and improving the freshness of baked goods.

Softgrain Golden 6 CL

Softgrain are tender sprouts, wholegrains and seeds infused with sourdough. It associates the benefits of wholegrain with natural freshness and superior taste. It is a combination of 5 grains infused in a wheat sourdough and honey.

Contact us to discover more Puratos ingredients that can help you to achieve a better nutrition label!

1 ‘reduced fat”, as per EU Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 and amendments

2 “reduced saturated fat”, as per EU Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 and amendments