Innovation inspired by nature

Bread improvers

1 Feb 2021

At Puratos our mission is to help customers to be even more successful with their business. We supply our customers with sourdoughs to add authentic flavour and storytelling to bread, and with bakery improvers to bring beneficial functionalities such as texture, tolerance and freshness optimisation.

We believe that nature can inspire us to develop better ingredients and make better food. 

What do consumers and bakers want? 

We strongly believe in taking the time to listen to bakers, as well as to consumers to develop the best products for them.

Today’s consumers demand quality bread that delivers on texture, appearance and freshness.
Analysis of the latest trends shows that transparency in food is even higher on the consumers’ agenda, meaning that they  are increasingly requesting clean(er) and more natural food.
Bakers, on the other hand, tell us that they want optimal quality, combined with ease of preparation and optimised cost processes. 

Our journey to enzymes

At Puratos, we know that enzymes are key for delivering all of the benefits bakers are seeking, including the clean(er)label trends>
Produced by fermentation, enzymes find their origins in nature.
A whole new generation of enzymes has been discovered in some of the most amazing locations on Earth, leading to innovative products and bread functionalities such as short bite, softness and many more.

Enzyme innovation is inspired by nature, join the journey with us.

Intens Strength

In an expedition to the Antarctic, one of the coldest places on Earth, a unique new family of xylanase enzymes was discovered.

Coming from a cold region, these enzymes have optimal activity at much lower temperatures compared to regular enzymes. This means that their strength and tolerance properties will come into play even in cold doughs. Puratos Intens Strength is made with this enzyme and especially suited for improvers in frozen bakery and related applications.

Intens Short Bite

The beautiful Yellowstone National Park in the USA was the source of a second enzyme innovation inspired by nature. In one of the park’s hot springs, scientists discovered an enzyme that is active at significantly higher temperatures than usual.

Researchers discovered that this enzyme has a positive effect on the texture of the bread, more specifically, by providing consumers a more pleasant short bite effect in bakery applications. Intens Short Bite is mainly used in bakery solutions for medium to rich breads.


Intens Soft & Fine

While exploring the magnificent Hunan Forest in Southern China one autumn, scientists found a new enzyme on wood. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down plant material into soft, moist elements that liberate nutrients which then nourish new life.

Intens Soft & Fine was developed with this robust enzyme,   bringing softness to the bread, as well as a finer and whiter crumb in toast breads but also buns, brioche and other soft and rich applications. 

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