Tegral Satin Masala Chai Velvet Egg Free

Cake mix in the Satin velvet range with refreshing taste of tea and spices. Great to compliment with a cup of tea for snacking. Varied applications. easy to use

  • Refreshing taste of tea and spices
  • Easy to use
  • Varied application
Customer advantages
  • Easy to use
  • Varied application
Consumer advantages
  • Refreshing taste of tea and spices which can be relished with a cup of tea for evening snacks

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Tegral Satin Pistachio Velvet Egg Free

Great in Taste. All purpose cake mix with notes of pistachio. Trendsetter and offers variety.

Tegral Satin Red Velvet Egg Free

All purpose red velvet cake mix that gives a longer freshness with notes of chocolate and cheese taste

Tegral Satin Belgian Chocolate Cake Mix EF

Tegral Satin Belgian Chocolate Cake Mix EF! With real Belgian Chocolate in this cake mix, prepare the most indulgent, classic, chocolaty delights! Containing no artificial flavour and no artificial colour, this egg free cake mix allows you to offer healthy indulgences to your patrons!

Easy Sponge Cocoa / Easy Sponge Cocoa Egg Free

Sponge cakes made with this concentrate have an optimum volume for greater yield. They combine a rich chocolate taste with a moist mouthfeel and light aerated texture. They do not contain any artificial colours. Available in both 'with egg; and without egg's versions.

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