R&D Partnership

Innovation & Technology - R&D Partnership Continuous innovation requires teamwork and collaboration. At Puratos, we forge mutually-beneficial partnerships with universities, ingredient suppliers and customers to support our R&D efforts. It is this interaction and synergy of knowledge and expertise that continues to drive our innovations. Ultimately, this result in better, improved and new products and solutions.

Partnerships with universities

We work with universities to co-develop basic understanding and explore synergies between ingredients in one of our application field – e.g. how enzymes interact with other bread ingredients

Partnerships with suppliers

We work with suppliers to identify the unique functionalities of a particular ingredient. Our team brings expertise in product application, while the supplier adds in-depth knowledge of the ingredient.

Partnerships with customers

When we partner with our customers, the Puratos team brings product expertise, while the customer brings their expertise in the final product manufacturing process.
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