Product Development

Innovation & Technology - Product Development
Product creation at Puratos is driven by consumer preferences and insights. We use four phases of development to ensure we release only competitive, culturally-relevant and highly desirable products:

1. Consumer understanding

We examine consumer trends, preferences, behaviours and uses in a particular category. These are identified with:

  • Market research (shopper surveys, focus groups ...)
  • Sensory analysis

2. Market survey

Once we have identified relevant consumer insights, we then test them with market surveys to ascertain which products most closely match consumer demand. This analysis is made by our local R&D teams to allow for country and regional variations.

3. Product development

  • The concept is developed and local R&D teams adapt the specifications according to local taste and needs.
  • Benchmark methodology determines the advantages of the new Puratos product against the competition. Assessing which aspects we need to work on in order to gain competitive advantage (better taste, longer shelf life etc.)
  • Thanks to our vertical integration, we are able to use our own components (enzymes, emulsifiers and sourdoughs) and guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Thanks to our partnerships, we have access to expertise in almost every field of research.
  • We use our own tools to ensure a quality product:    
  • sensorial analysis looks at responses to taste, textures …
  • a team of nutritionists improve the nutritional characteristics of the product
  • we test the process parameters of industrial lines in our International Competence Centers for bakery, patisserie and chocolate. 

4. Marketing support

  • Validation of the final product by our food technicians and demonstrators in the innovation centers
  • Development of recipes