Puratos Innovation Centres

Innovation & Technology - Puratos Innovation Centres
An essential part in driving our R&D efforts are the insights and experiences we gain from our innovations centers. This network of some 58 centres of innovation and competence across the globe allows for the development of new ideas, tracking consumer trends and putting technologies into practice, as well as hands-on interaction with our customers.

Center for Bread Flavour

The Puratos Center for Bread Flavour is a meeting place for experts and customers, where they can gain greater insights into bread flavour and fermentation, where they can find inspiration to create new products and flavours. It also offers a learning platform for how to differentiate your products and grow your business.

Chocolate Centers

The Puratos Chocolate Centers organise trainings and seminars, where you can learn from some of the great chocolate and pastry chefs. They will teach you what it takes to make chocolate so special in pastry and baking. Combining technical, taste and production expertise, the Chocolate Centers also work on developing new products and new technologies.

Industrial Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centers

For our industrial customers and supermarkets, our Industrial Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centers offer a fully equipped testing platform for technical innovation and process optimisation. These centres help you to master ingredients and ingredient interactions, as well as processes and technologies. They also offer the perfect testing ground to validate products in applications.

To discover how the Industrial Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centers can help to further grow your business, contact your local manager.