Asia Development Centre

Recognizing the importance of the Asian market, our biggest challenge at Puratos is to capture the value of evolving consumer trends. We know that continuous innovation is required to create products that delight your customers and express their preferences perfectly.
To help you meet this challenge and to ensure the closest working partnership, we’ve implemented the Asia Development Centre (ADC), a technical hub based in China, to deliver great ideas, products and tailor-made solutions. At ADC, each solution is put to the test, evaluating its ability to fulfill your needs and seamlessly integrate into your processes.

We’re happy to announce that ADC is now at larger (20,500m2), new premises, boasting state-of-the-art facilities such as our Innovation Centre, Sensory Analysis lab, Sensobox and Industrial Competence Centre (ICC) – all the better to meet your needs.

Industrial Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centres

For our industrial customers and supermarkets, our Industrial Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centres offer a fully equipped testing platform for technical innovation and process optimisation. These centres help you to master ingredients and ingredient interactions, as well as processes and technologies. They also offer the perfect testing ground to validate products in applications.

To discover how the Industrial Bakery and Patisserie Competence Centres can help to further grow your business, contact your local manager.